Everyone is unique, everyone has rights.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) ensures that consumers know which personal data is collected, with what purpose and how these data are handled.

Companies get more obligations when it comes to the privacy of consumers and will have to adapt to the more extensive rights of the data subjects.

If you ensure that the process surrounding the right of access to data subjects is in order, you will show the positive and transparent approach of your company.

This can help to meet the GPDR in other areas too, and it exudes confidence and self-confidence. In addition to the recent headlines on data leaks, the authorities are investing Personal Data in communications to inform people about their new, important rights. This increases the number of requests for data to be viewed and it can no longer be kept in Excel files.

Our solution effectively provides case management and stakeholder coordination, including safe delivery of response, monitoring of progress, response times and quality of delivery.

Keep your audit trails as a burden of proof against possible complaints to the authority for personal data protection.

This service is currently available for organizations within the EEA.
We do not support organizations that fall under the Privacy Shield framework

  • SAR portal is a resilient SaaS solution
  • Secure delivery to validated customers to receive SAR response
  • Centralised repository of subject access requests, located in the EU
  • Historical cases processing records, to reduce impact of unfounded or excessive requests
  • Case data encryption, including attachments - only users from your company can see customer’s personal information
  • Full Audit records, to support your responses in case of legal proceeding
  • Unlimited stakeholders and systems
  • Escalation notification helping with timely response
  • Extension requests logging
  • Automatic creation cases from subject access request from your website

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  • [[ term.cases_per_month | number ]] new cases each month
  • £[[ term.price_per_case | number ]] each additional case
  • Typical case size up to 30MB
  • £[[ term.price_per_gb | number ]] each extra GB of storage


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